• We're up & running and it feels great!

    Last week was our first week back in class(es) after a 3 week break and it felt SO good to be back! Three weeks of slightly more food and wine has resulted in a 3kg weight gain for me, so I'm upping my own exercise programme with kettlebell/HIIT training 3 mornings a excuses :-)

    Kettlebell/HIIT training is a brilliant way to increase aerobic fitness and muscular strength and endurance and is fun to do as it can be so varied. I never get bored with this type of training as you can vary each session to keep it interesting.

    I'd stopped eating as much fruit and veg as I would normally do over the Christmas break, so my nutritional habits have vastly improved in the last week....making 2 different batches of soup and a huge fruit salad to keep in the fridge. I'm determined to shift these few extra kilos that are sitting around my middle at the moment!

    If you'd like to try kettlebell/HIIT training, check out the timetable for our Monday evening class. You can work at your own pace and build intensity gradually as your fitness level improves. There'll be great music too...what's not to like :-)

    Happy 2018!



  • Do what you love in 2018 :-)

    Happy New Year! Do those 3 words fill you with enthusiasm and positivity for the challenges you routinely set yourself every January 1st or a sense of creeping dread as you feel pressured to get to grips with the resolutions you never managed to address last year!

    As someone who integrates activity into their every day life throughout the year, I don't feel it necessary to set myself huge goals at this time of year. Having said that, I do intend to increase my activity levels and be a little more structured with my exercise regime.

    My main priority is to do the type of exercise I love, do what makes me feel good (mentally and physically) and to factor exercise into my day/s when I'm most likely to do it. As a 'morning person', I've always found it easier to fit an hour's exercise into the beginning of my day rather than leave it until early afternoon and then make any excuse not to do it!

    Before you start making plans for your own exercise routine, ask yourself :

    * What time of day is easiest for me to exercise?

    * What type of exercise do I enjoy?

    * Do I need to join a gym/attend a class or can I exercise at home/outside?

    * Will it help me to have an exercise buddy so I stay motivated?

    As I enter my 25th year as a fitness professional, I know what works for me and I know how to set myself realistic, manageable goals that I have a good chance of achieving. Think long term and set your intention to factor exercise into your life in a way that works best for you.

    Good health and a feeling of wellbeing are priceless....make that your gift to yourself in 2018:-)



  • Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2018 too!

    Christmas is almost upon us so I hope you're able to start winding down now to enjoy the festivities with family and friends. This time of year can be so busy and stressful, so leave all that behind and breathe and chill!

    Thank you to everyone who has supported my classes throughout 2017 and I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy, healthy 2018.

    I'll be raring to go on Monday January 8th and look forward to seeing you the meantime eat, drink and be merry :-)



  • Christmas: A time to reflect & be thankful...

    As Christmas gets closer, many people are juggling so many things and often become overwhelmed by all they have to do to prepare for the festive season. There are presents to buy, parties and events to attend, food to prepare ahead and all manner of demands on our time.

    For some years now I've made a real effort not to get bogged down in all the materialistic madness of Christmas, but instead to concentrate on the things that are important to me and those close to me.

    I love to spend time with friends and family in the lead up to Christmas and this is more of a priority than buying 'stuff' that nobody either really wants or needs. I have several things planned that I'm looking forward to....a weekend with friends including a show and a meal out, a children's show with lunch afterwards, a few days in Edinburgh with a tour booked around a gin distillery and a concert at the get the picture :-)

    I'm extra grateful at this time of year that I have friends and family around me to share special times with when not everyone is so fortunate. It can be a tough time for so many people for all sorts of reasons and I'm always mindul of this.

    To say a huge thank you to everyone who supports my business by attending classes, I've donated £100 to Action Homeless (Leicester) and donated £100 worth of toys to Toys on the Table on your behalf. I'm very lucky to do a job I love; 2018 will be my 25th year as a Fitness Instructor! I'm very grateful for your continued support and hope I'm able to continue with my job for many more years to come.

    Enjoy the build up to Christmas so you're not too frazzled when the big day arrives and enjoy spending time with friends and family too; have a great week!



  • Keeping it real....why do you exercise?

    I had a 'moment' walking up and down the hundreds of steps in Dubrovnik old town last week where it just felt so fantastic that I had the energy and strength to do so without struggling! Being able to walk for hours on end over different terrains, climb hills (and steps), to feel strong and flexible and to just enjoy moving my body around is something that I absolutely love and never fails to gives me a real buzz. This feeling of wellness and positivity is the reason why I exercise regularly and have done for over 30+ years.

    I have to admit that my 30's and 40's (and even my early 50's) were more focused on exercising to maintain a reasonable shape and a healthy weight. I see so many social media posts where women are already talking about getting in shape for next year's summer holiday (I mean really!?) and exercise just becomes a means to an unrealistic end where we never achieve the figure/shape we'd love!

    Let me let you into a secret...I've exercised regularly for a very long time and my weight has varied between 1-2 kilos either way at most. My shape has changed more in the last 5 yearsfrom 55-60, but my weight is still the same as in my 30's. So, despite all the exercise I've shape is pretty much the shape it has always been and my weight is pretty much my 'set' weight.

    I spent a lot of years not being particularly satisfied with my shape, which in retrospect is sad as I was in great shape for a lot of years. I feel a lot of people (particularly women) are constantly working towards often unrealistic goals instead of just enjoying moving around and enjoying the freedom of activity and exercise!

    And what about now? Well, I have to tell you that this is the best time so far...I love all the activities I do just for their own sake. I love walking in different environments, I love the concentration and pace of Pilates and Yoga Flow and I just LOVE feeling well...what a gift great health is.

    So, keep your expectations realistic. Take a good look at what you're likely to be able to achieve and love yourself whatever shape you're in and whatever size you are. Stay well :-)



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