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What do I need to do to 'keep fit?'

'Physical fitness' is made up of 5 different components; aerobic fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and motor fitness. It isn't easy to find one type of activity that improves all these different components of fitness, so it makes sense to try different types of activity to find out what you enjoy and what you're most likely to continue to do on a regular basis.

Pilates,Yoga Flow & Core Focused Yoga are both an excellent form of exercise as they increase muscular strength and endurance, improve flexibility and also improve balance and coordination. Combining practising Pilates, Core Focused Yoga and/or Yoga Flow with regular aerobic exercise such as walking, swimming or cycling would be a great way to keep in shape both physically and mentally.

Being active will always make you feel better, physically, mentally and psychologically. Exercising with other people in a class is always fun and having a friend or family member who helps you to stick to your plan can be invaluable, so get yourself a training buddy and get booked into a class or course now!

At 61 years old, my passion for teaching exercise is stronger than ever; I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with lots of wonderful people every week and have the best fun too...who wouldn't want my job :-)

Why not try a class you haven't done before? If you'd like more information about any classes on the programme, don't hesitate to get in touch....I'd love to talk to you :-)

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