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I'm going to use this opportunity to talk to you about what I've learned about health and exercise with 30 years of experience of exercising regularly behind me!

I started exercising regularly at 28 years old ( I was a late starter!) and as I'm now 60, I've learned a lot about what suits my body and mind and what works for me now. I've done pretty much every type of exercise that's been around in the last 30 years from aerobics, step aerobics, circuit training, Body Pump, running, cycling, swimming, going to the gym, kettle bell training, Pilates, walking and Yoga to name quite a few. You name it and I've probably done it!

What exercise I do now has changed from what I was doing even 5 years ago; what hasn't changed is that I still do some form of exercise most days, even on fact, I'm often more active on holiday and several of our holidays centre around fell walking which usually means walking around 15 miles every day.

The key to success is to make regular exercise a habit that you are able to adhere to as part of your every day life; this means doing something that you enjoy and that makes you feel great. Also, what you choose to do needs to fit easily into your lifestyle without major upheaval, otherwise you'll never stick to it.I love Pilates with a passion and firmly believe everyone would benefit from practising Pilates on a regular basis. I also walk (quickly) for 90 minutes at least 4 times every week; I find walking, Pilates and yoga are what I enjoy doing the most throughout the summer months when it's light enough to be able to walk along the canal tow path at 6am. In the winter months, I may well change from walking to swimming or running, but you can be sure I will continue to exercise as my body needs to move for me to feel like 'me'.

So, my advice would be...find a type of exercise activity that you enjoy;...I can guarantee you'll feel better for it! Why not try Yoga Flow, Core Focused Yoga or Pilates and notice how much better you move after just a couple of classes. Human beings are designed to move; watch how much pleasure young children get from running and jumping around and you'll see how necessary movement is to our physical and mental wellbeing.

So what are you waiting for......

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