Yoga Flow

Mark: So what's it like being a bloke in Karen's yoga class? Well, there's usually between 1 and 4 men in a session, but that doesn't feel strange at all. There are a range of ages and abilities and everyone is there to have a good time. It's not all of that spiritual stuff, it's about flexibility, stretching and building core strength...and there's some chill in there too! It's not competitive as everyone knows their abilities and people have good/bad weeks so Karen and the group motivate you to push yourself if you want to. Karen always impresses on us to do what feels right! Finally, Karen is a really good motivator in a subtle way...and she's a bit wacky so it's always fun! I'm coming up to doing yoga for 18 months and I wish I'd joined earlier as the overall experience is great.

Ben: By adding yoga to my fitness routine over the last 6 months, the flexibility and mobility it's given me has increased my overall sports performance. I highly recommend Karen's classes to everyone, from complete beginners to those already leading an active lifestyle.

John: Karen's yoga is a great session for me as a Firefighter and Personal Trainer. Having regular stretch and relaxation time loosens me off after weight training and shift work. After more than 20 years of football, flexibility is a key component to keeping me injury free! Karen gives you the freedom to work at your own pace and keeps the mood light! A fantastic yoga teacher!

Steve:I started attending Karen's yoga class 18 months ago with a view to increasing my suppleness and general flexibility. The classes are very structured and Karen is very knowledgeable. I have definitely felt the benefit I was hoping for since I started yoga. Above all, the classes are great fun and you are able to work at your own level in every class.

Karen’s Yoga sessions are really enjoyable. Karen focuses on a sequence of postures which she alternates to keep it interesting.The type of Yoga Karen teaches is more aligned to Ashtanga Yoga which incorporates more fluid movements rather than say Hatha which is where you hold postures for much longer periods. I feel I get a full body workout and I always experience a little bit of muscular soreness which is great as it shows that I’ve actually pushed my body in the session. I’ve been attending these sessions once a week since late last year and my range of flexibility has vastly improved. If you think you are too inflexible to do Yoga, then it means you must try it... use it or lose it as they say, I choose to use it and improve it! Karen’s style of teaching is relaxed and she has a great sense of humour too which is always a bonus!

I consider myself to be a very active and fit individual after many years of dance training. However, I have positively felt and seen the impact of the Yoga Flow classes on my body. I highly recommend Karen's yoga practice and the benefits of studying the whole course rather than individual classes.
Lara W (Lecturer in Dance)

I truly had no idea how much I would enjoy Yoga Flow with Karen. Having not exercised for many years I felt unconfident and unsure, but Karen is a great teacher and encourages us all every step of the way. I would never have thought I could achieve some of the moves but have steadily progressed over the weeks. We have fun whilst exercising which to my mind is a great combination!
Allyson J

A great dynamic yoga class to complement regular running or sport. I joined a weekly class as I was having lower back pain. This has eased and love the feeling of the whole body stretch that you get after an hour with Karen!

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